Mission given by Pope John Paul II

“I wished to inaugurate the Ezio Aletti Study and Research Center in person, because it was recently founded as a part of the Pontifical Oriental Institute with the aim of creating privileged opportunities for meetings and exchanges on the subject of Christianity in East Europe. Its particular goal is to encourage research among the Orientales themselves on the meaning of faith following the collapse of the Marxist regimes, and with regard to the spread of the achievements and of the false myths of Western culture. I find particularly meaningful the fraternal exchange between Catholics and Orthodox which is promoted here, fostered by men and women religious who make their own competence available. It is already evident here how living together, knowing one another and undertaking research in common is a royal road in the quest for a deeper communion between the Churches.   We would like to put this Center under the protection of the Blessed Virgin .

Holy Mother of God, you are more spacious
than the heavens because you enclosed within you
the One whom the heavens cannot contain;
turn your motherly gaze on ths house
where men and women seek in the silence of listening
and the communion of hearts a future of faith for Europe,
and strive to discover what the outstretched hands
of today's men and women seek to grasp
Give them the peace of pilgrims
and the joy of walking together,
so that Europe too may increasingly welcome in her womb the Word of life, the world's only hope, as you did.”
(John Paul II at the Centro Aletti, 12th December 1993)

What is the "Ezio Aletti" Study and Research Center

It is a center for study and research attached to the mission of the Society of Jesus at the Pontifical Oriental Institute. The Jesuits opened the center in a late nineteenth-century liberty-style palazzo donated to the Society by Mrs. Anna Maria Gruenhut Bartoletti Aletti with the desire that it could become a center of intercultural meeting and reflection.

The Centrum Aletti Velehrad-Roma ((Olomouc, Czech Republic) is its first affiliated Centre.

For Whom is the Center

Centro Aletti is mainly open to scholars and artists with a Christian perspective from Central and Eastern Europe, with the aim of giving them an opportunity to meet with their Western colleagues.

Meeting one another in charity fosters a creative attitude, which results from the study of the Tradition of the Church related to the questions raised by the present day world.

The Center offers a space where Orthodox and Oriental or Latin rite Catholics can live together and work towards personal development in one's own Church, in the charity of the one Christ.

The Aim of Centro Aletti

Today, while a planetary civilization is laboriously being built up, Europe still has not produced a synthesis – neither a cultural, nor a theological one – that could bridge the wide division between its East and West, and that thus may be capable to open up Europe to the future and prepare it for the challenges that it will bring. The Aletti Centre’s aim is to research a Christian spiritual physiognomy in a Europe that now has the possibility of rediscovering its new integrity: a physiognomy that does not look backwards nostalgically nor that simply accepts what is new, but rather one that actively works toward its transfiguration.

Together, the impact between the Christian faith and the cultural dynamics of modernity and post-modernity can be studied. We seek for answers to the questions of nowadays men and women, taking into account the Christian tradition of the East and West, in such a way that together we can point to the living Christ.









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